Current PhD Students

Liruo Zhang

Event triggered control of nonlinear systems

Ravi Patel

Intelligent Controllers for Renewable Energy Systems

Mubashir Hussain Wani

Intelligent Control of Building Energy Management

Kelvin Anto

Security of Cyber Physical Systems with Applications to Smart Grid

Don Gamage

Multi-agent control of micro-grid

Hanyuan Li

Industrial Controller Design using Function Blocks.

Graduated PhD Students

Chathura Wanigasekara (2020)

Identification of nonlinear systems and quantised feedback control of networked systems

Faizal Hafiz (2019)

Search Algorithms for a Class of Combinatorial Optimization Problems

Farhan Khan (2020)

Localisation in wireless sensor networks

Lv Zhou (2019)

Reinforcement learning controllers for hybrid power system

Dhafer Almakhles (2015)

Two level Dynamic Quantizers for Feedback Control Systems

Claudio Camasca (2013)

Control of Linear and Nonlinear Systems using Bit-Streams

Jian Zhang (2012)

Robust Observer Based Fault Diagnosis of Nonlinear Systems

Reno Johnson Chalakkal (2020)´┐╝

Automatic Retinal Image Analysis to Triage Retinal Pathologies

Oliver Grant (2019)

The Handling Qualities Assessment of Novel Personal Air Vehicle Systems

Leron Postelink (2015)

Practical Output Regulation of Non-Minimum Phase Nonlinear Systems

Seunghwan Chae (2013)

Robust control of networked systems with random communication delay

Milosav Andelic (2014)

Event Driven Protocols for Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks

Vedrana Krivokuca (2014)

Fingerprint Template Protection using Compact Minutiae Patterns

Ehad Akeila (2011)

Positioning in indoor environments based on INS and RFs sensor Fusion

Arash Tayebi (2017)

Physical layer security in wireless sensor networks

Liang Huang (2016)

Control of capacitive power transfer systems

Alireza Nasiri (2015)

Fault tolerant control of nonlinear systems

Jr-Wei William Hsu (2010)

Full-range tuning power flow control of IPT pickups

Shudong Fang (2009)

Energy efficient communication algorithms for wireless sensor networks

Graduated Master Students

Xiaobo Yu

Bo Yu

Yuefeng Hou

Srikanth Devarakonda

Arun Nagendra

Frank Lu

Yuechuan Yang

Addie Pujji

Longxin Tang

Alan Tzu-Yuan Wang

Seunghwean Chae

Timothy Rae

Qi Qian

Kaiwen Li

Jian Zhang

Cheng-Shun Lin

Tinyuan Quan

Dipti Tripathy

Pradeep Mohanty

Tarun Kanti Das

Kambupani Meher